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Work Packages (WPs)

Operation actions and activities for a final goal of successful commercialisation of RiserSure are organized into six work packages (WPs), which are demonstrated as follows.

RiserSure Work Packages

WP1: Customer engagement & site trial

A detailed performance and requirements specification for the commercial RiserSure system will be documented based on known customer requirements and target functionality. This will specify adaptations required for the commercial system.

WP2: Product finalisation & validation

This work package will validate specifications using data from customer engagement and site trials, complete RiserSure system adaptation for commercial demonstrator (TRL8) and complete final modifications for TRL9 sub-sea demonstration.

WP3: Demonstration in sub-sea operation

The tasks will be carried out to verify the performance of the commercial RiserSure product in the industrial environment.

WP4: Product certification & standards

This work package will involve certification of RiserSure parts and system to international standards and directives, documentation of results and certification in a technical file and promotion of undersea radiography in new standards development (ISO/TC 67/SC7).

WP5: Business development

This work package is for promoting and establishing market uptake of the RiserSure system, protect IP of RiserSure system and components; and preparation of investor ready business plan.

WP6: Product management

Implement tools and processes to ensure that the product optimization delivers the planned commercial outcomes on time and within budget, that there is excellent communication among all the participants and with stakeholders including the EC monitoring officer, and that contractual and administrative obligations are met.