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Project Objectives

In order to ensure a successful commercialisation for RiserSure, six objective points are presented for partners to review at different product development phases. They are demonstrated as follows:

  • Conduct prototype site trial (TRL7) and obtain customer feedback to finalise product specification;

Development of the prototype;

Specification document for commercial RiserSure product;

Test plan for RiserSure system installation;

Preliminary business requirement report based on the site trials.

  • Complete engineering work to adapt RiserSure into a commercial product

Technical adaptations to meet technical specifications;

Setup and fine-tuning of design;

Integration with software for commercial use.

  • To verify the performance of the commercial RiserSure product in the operational environment

Installation and operational testing of the commercial RiserSure system.

  • To certify the RiserSure product according to international quality and technical standards

Certification of parts and system;

Documentation of results and final certification;

EN Standards setting.

  • Protect Intellectual Property (IP) of RiserSure system and components

IP protection actions.

  • To promote and increase market uptake of RiserSure, to disseminate and protect key product features

Developing Investor Ready Business Plan;

Approach Tier 1 customers for market uptake;

Defining additional customers;

Dissemination, Sales and Marketing Plan;

Website and communication material.