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Sea trials completed at Underwater Trials Centre in Fort William, Scotland.

The RiserSure™ platform has been tested in real-life conditions in Scotland, UK at the premises of Underwater Trials Centre.

In the week of 24– 28th June 2019, the RiserSure™ consortium gathered in Fort William, Scotland at the premises of Underwater Trials Centre, who are experts in supporting the testing of new equipment in an offshore environment. All RiserSure™ systems have undergone extensive testing procedures, specifically the deployment of the platform, circular NDT scanning motion and system retrieval. During the trials, the partners have identified the need for additional system updates, which will improve the ease of deployment and the smoothness of overall system operation. The RiserSure™ platform is planned to be tested again towards the end of the project, to test all completed system updates.

The following video provides a quick overview of the completed trials.