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Rapid Integrity Assessment of Flexible Risers for Offshore Oil and Gas Installations

Deep Water Flexible Riser Pipe Fault Detection

Entire Pipe, Detailed Structure Inspection System

100% Safe

Avoids damage to pipes

Radiography Technology

Better than human eye

Environmentally Friendly

Detect leaks early

Highly Effective

Better than current NDT inspection

About Us

As oil and gas exploration and production moves to deeper waters such as the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Angola or Brazil, floating production systems are increasingly being used. Floating systems are required in water deeper than 200-300 m and cannot be connected by rigid steel pipes, requiring the use of flexible risers to connect the subsea well to surface vessels. Current non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques on flexible risers cannot reliably assess their condition until it is too late and a failure has occurred. They often require removal of the flexible protective coating and cannot penetrate all the layers of the pipe. Our system uses Radiography which is widely used in medical diagnos-tics (X-rays), is the ideal technique for flexible risers as it penetrates through all the layers in the riser structure, giving a full picture of the entire structure.

Key Points

The RiserSure project is an innovative flexible riser inspection system that provides detailed information on any damage to the various layers from which the riser is made.

Innovative Design

An innovative subsea digital radiography detector that is able to see right through the riser structure giving detailed analysis.

Project Partners

The five partners taking part in this project are perfectly balanced consortium with respect to engineering and commercial experience.

Target Markets

Designed for flexible risers used in floating systems operating in water deeper than 200-300m in locations such as Gulf of Mexico, offshore Angola or Brazil.

Environment In Mind

With regular scanning, the RiserSure system detects potential failures in flexible risers before they occur, preventing potential environmental contamination.


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